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The push for energy efficiency and the new Federal Home Star program to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil will create opportunities and an increased demand for professional RESNET/HERS certified home energy auditors. This video tells about what a HERS energy audit is and the new employment opportunities that could be created in the Home Star program.


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  1. Comment

    Great video! Never knew what a professional RESNET/HERS was until now

  2. Comment
    Community Member

    The video made a misunderstood subject easily comprehensible. Excellent presentation!


  3. Comment
    Debra Hughes

    Great video and what a great service to the environment.


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    Community Member

    Professional video, very informative to greater understanding of energy ratings and savings.

  5. Comment
    vinny formosa

    I lol'd it when you actually look at the pictures of water heaters and such as they pop up.

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