Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters


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  1. Comment

    Nicely done Local Stacy. Hits the san T on the head.

  2. Comment
    Ron Parker

    Why don't you list Fire Sprinkler Fitters as a part of this group? Are we still the red-headed step-children of the pipe trades? I am a proud member of U.A. Local 669 Road Sprinkler Fitters. I have been a member for 24 years. Let us get this straight, Pipe Fitters weld, Sprinkler Fitters screw, and Plumbers deal with waste! One more, lawn sprinklers save your grass, fire sprinklers save your a$$! Thanks for letting me vent, Ron.

  3. Comment
    David George


    I am proud of you that you have taken the challenge of a woman working in a traditional man's world and following in the footsteps of your father.

    I will refer other women to this video.

    Dave George

    You are proof that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

    Dave George

  4. Comment
    Merle Neises

    Nicely done. This illustrates that anyone who desires to succeed can with training and enthusiasm

  5. Comment
    Roth Preston

    Your video actually didn't hurt my eyes so I'm going to vote for you. However, I'm going to critque you on the video; this is a video composition competition. Your Cinematographer seems a little zoom happy. Zooming is fine but too much in and out really takes away from the content. Also, transitions, anything other then a fade in the beginning, fade out in the end, and cut outs is too much. Other then that it's not bad. Good job :)

  6. Comment
    Rocky Hwasta

    Stacy, good job on the video! I am always happy to see other women in union building trades. I wonder what your dad thinks of you now. I hope he's proud of you. I know how tough it is being in the trades; I've been a union carpenter for 26 years. I encourage more women to consider these skilled, satisfying, well-paying careers in construction. Good luck!

    Rocky, Carpenter, Local #212, Cleveland, Ohio

  7. Comment
    Jeannine Giguere

    Thank you Stacy for making women visible in the construction trades. There are many of us and more coming. RI Carpenters Local 94 Jeannine Giguere-Gagnon

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